Ohh Yes.. It is India vs Australia and people have been waiting for it. Sledging, grinning, Abuses will be a part of the game. Eyes will be on Kohli, Ashwin and Jadeja. And from Australia Smith and Warner. 

Game has already started and now both the teams will meet on the ground to Finish it.

It’s a tough call to create a team so I have decided there has to be 2 teams choose the best one:

Team 1: Wade (wk), Kohli, Smith, Warner, Rahane/Vijay, Shaun Marsh, Ashwin, Jadeja, Hazlewood, Bhuvi/Ishant, Kuldeep Yadav.

Team2: Wade (wk), Kohli, Smith, Warner, Rahul, Ashwin, Jadeja, Starc, Lyon, Bhuvi/Ishant, Kuldeep Yadav 

IN Team 1 and 2 I have taken kuldeep yadav to make the team for inclined towards batting and to adjust Ashwin and Jadeja because they are in prime form and also as per the update Pune pitch initially will give some runs but 4-5th day will favor to bowlers.

IN Team 2 if someone is not looking to take Starc then he can be replaced with Hazlewood or Umesh Yadav then you can take either Rahane/Vijay in place of Lokesh Rahul or Saha in place of Wade.

I have taken Shaun Marsh because in a Match against India A he hit a century. Rahane is making a come back so his selection will be on stake and even for 2019 world cup. Vijay is also in good form so he can replace Rahane but he is an opener and it’s first match.

If you are a Cheteshwar Pujara’s Fan then you have to sacrifice Jadeja and Vijay and that gives room to Pujara and Lokesh Rahul.

Cap and VC – Kohli/Smith & Warner/Ashwin.

So Guys I hope I have done justice. Any suggestion or any improvement you can leave comment


# Take Ishant sharma as Bhuvi is unlikely to play

# Speculations as per Pune pitch – India is likely to include Jayant Yadav. 

# Matt Renshaw likely to be included in the team ahead of Khwaja due to his performance

# Spinner Steve o’keefe probably will play along with Lyon


2 thoughts on “India-Australia

  1. It would be a bad idea to drop Pujara from the 11. Also taking kuldeep yadav means you are playing with just 10 players. As this is a test match, every player counts as he gets two chance and also he could add some points by taking catches if he is in the playing 11.
    Never the less i do agree its a difficult task to select the 11 from this lot.


    • Yes Amit.
      I have tried maximum possible combinations and I have tried every possible way to adjust Pujara. So as you read down the line one have to sacrifice one big player. Either Jadeja or any other Australian. Warner and Smith both are in form. So one can leave jadeja and take Pujara. One has to take Kuldeep yadav to make batting more powerful as it is a test.


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