Cape Cobra vs Titans

Clash of the Titans. Well it’s gonna be. Titans is studded with very fine players though they lost last match and their very first match of the League. Well hard to get 11 or probably from Titans as they have very good players, Morkel Brothers, Elgar, Wiese, Siboto but Cobras are not too well behind with Levi, Zyl, Philander, J. Smith and Kleinveldt.

Possible Lineup 1:  Moonsamy(wk), Zyl, Levi, Elgar, Davids/Kuhn, J.Smith, Albie Morkel, Wiese, Philander, Kleinveldt, Morne Morkel

You can take Vilas inplace of Moonsamy. I have chosen Moonsamy as he holds good records. Davids I have taken just to balance the batting side he can be replace with O Ramela or any other batsman/bowler.

Other good bowlers you can choose are Siboto, Dale, Peidt and All rounder is Migijima who put up nice performance till now and lil’bit reliable be he have not bowled in last two matches.

Possible Line up 2: Vilas(wk), Elgar, Zyl, Levi, Smith, Mgijima, A. Morkel, M. Morkel, Siboto/Ngidi, Philander, Piedt

Cap: Elgar/J.Smith

VC: Levi/Zyl


# Hein Kuhn did not play first match as he was injured. He is expected to play.

# Hint of playing Von Berg and he South Africa’s finest spinner ~ Mark Boucher

# Ngidi is expected to replace Zorzi. Ngidi is a class bowler and he performed exceptionally well in SriLanka – S.Africa series.



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