Maharashtra vs Delhi (VHT’17)

It’s Vijay Hazare Trophy 2017 and Delhi’s 3rd match is with Maharashtra. After 2 consecutive loss, Delhi will try their best to come back in this match. It is still unpredictable to say who will play or who will not. Nehra and Dhawan played only one match. Manan Sharma, Milind Kumar and Shorey performed decently well in the last two matches. In bowling section apart from Saini and Manan Sharma who took 3 wickets, none did wonders.

On the other hand Maharashtra starts with a Bang and continuously winning 2 matches. It seems Gaikwad is in golden touch first 132 runs then half century and hope it continue like this in this match as well. As Delhi’s bowling line does not seem to be very strong untill and unless Nehra plays who picked up 4 wickets in first match, looks like Maharashtra will dominate this match as well. K.Jadhav, Shaikh and Munde were very good with the bat. Dadhe, Zope and Kazi seems to be more than enough to ripped the opponent wickets.

Possible lineup: Pant (wk), Gambhir, Gaikwad/Zol, Jadhav, Shaikh, Shorey, Milind Kumar, S.Mundhe, Saini, Zope, Kazi.

If some one want to make bowling more strong then Dadhe can be added as he took 4 wickets in last match and can be replaced with either Shaikh or Shorey

CAP: Gambhir/Gaikwad

VC: Jadhav/Mundhe


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