Tamil Nadu vs Maharashtra (VHT’17)

After an easy win against Delhi, looks like Maharashtra is going get some serious business against Tamil Nadu which is serious contender in Vijay Hazare Trophy having won both of their matches with some brilliant performances and with HUGE MARGINS..!!!!.

This battle you gonna love. Without wasting time, I will list down performer of both the teams of last matches.

Tamil Nadu: Gandhi, karthik, Aparajith, Shankar, Crist, Mohammed, Antony Dhas, R. Shah

Maharashtra: Jadhav, Shaikh, Zope, Kazi, Dadhe, Gaikwad, Zol.

And it’s gonna be a tough call.

Possible Lineup 1: Karthik (wk), Jadhav, Gandhi, Shaikh, Gaikwad, Aparajith, Kazi, Dadhe, R. Shah, Crist, Zope

Possible Lineup 2: Karthik (wk)/Nikhil Naik, Jadhav, Gandhi, Shaikh,  Shankar, Aparajith/Mundhe, Kazi, Zope, Mohammed, Dhas, Crist.

Cap: Jadhav/Karthik

VC: Gandhi/Kazi/Shaikh


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