Ireland vs UAE (1st Match -Intercontinental Cup)

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The journey for Ireland starts from Asia and the winner of this cup will be getting a chance to play test match with lowest ranked nation.  After playing two ODI matches against UAE, Ireland will play against Afghanistan later on this month.

ED Joyce who recently hit double century is in prime form and has been a part of Ireland Squad. Niall O’Brien after suffering from injury is back and fit now.

Rohan  Mustafa, Shaiman Anwar and M. Usman will be holding the batting side of UAE with M. Naved and Javed will be taking care of Bowling.

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Possible lineup 1: Wilson/Shabber (wk), Usman, Stirling, Joyce, Anwar, Mustafa, Naveed, Raza, Haider, Mulder, Dockrell

Possible lineup 2: Niall O’brien (wk), Qasim, Usman, Anwar, Stirling, Mustafa, Kevin O’Brien, Raza, Haider, Thompson/Mulder, Dockrell

In team 2, One can choose either Usman or Porterfield and Anwar or Joyce to balance the batting.

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CAP: Kevin/Mustafa

VC: Stirling/Joyce


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