Australia vs New Zealand (Women)

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It’s a decider match between Southern Stars and White Ferns. Australia showed brilliant all round performance in the last match. B. Mooney in form made 57, while Lanning and Blackwell built the innings made the score too easy to chase. Blackwell being the top scorer made a come back after century with a half century and sent a strong message. Wellington and Farrell took 3-2 wickets but Perry who got injured in between could not come to bat and took only 1 wicket. And picture is still not clear if she will play in decider or not but as per news coming out she will probably play as she is the most imp play in the team.

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In New Zealand, as expected the Satterthwaite performed and made being the top scorer of the match could not save New Zealand from loss. Martin and Perry did show some intent but could not stay longer. Kerr being the highest wicket taker who took 4 wickets and surprised everyone specially Australian and she is just 16.

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Australia Probable 11: Healy(wk), Bolton, Mooney, Lanning, Villani, Blackwell, Jonassen, Gardner, Ellyse Perry, Wellington, Farrel

New Zealand Probable 11: Priest (wk), Bates, Satterthwaite, Martin, Perkins,Liz Perry, Peterson, Bermingham, Tahuhu, Kerr, Huddleston

Possible Lineup 1: Priest (wk), Bates, Satterthwaite, Ellyse Perry, Lanning, Perkins, Mooney, Huddleston, Kerr, Wellington, Farrell

Possible Lineup 2: Healy(wk), Bates, Satterthwaite, Ellyse Perry, Blackwell, Mooney, Martin, Tahuhu, Kerr, Wellington, Farrell

CAP: Satterthwaite/Bates

VC: Lanning/Blackwell


India vs Australia (2nd Test)

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After a disastrous loss in 1st Test, India is moving to fight yes fight in 2nd test with more vigor and hope Kohli and team is prepared.

Australia announced unchanged team. India may make some changes Karun Nair or Bhuvi  may replace Ishant but uncertainty remains as there is no conformity on it. Kohli has already praised Jayant Yadav so he is unlikely to be axed. Rahane will remain in the team and the only half century scorer in 1st Test KL Rahul will open with Murli Vijay. As it it KL Rahul’s home ground so lots of expectation from him and he has even worked harder in the nets as well.

Pitch is dry but good for batting as usual Bangalore pitch. At start it will support pacers but lately spinners will surely come into picture.

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India Probable 11: Saha (wk), Kohli, Rahul, Murli, Pujara, Rahane, Jayant, Ashwim, Jadeja, Ishant, Umesh.

Australia Probable 11: Wade (wk), Renshaw, Warner, Smith, S. Marsh, M. Marsh, O’Keefe, Starc, Hazlewood, Lyon.

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Possible Lineup: Wade(wk), Kohli, Pujara, Rahul/Renshaw, Smith, Ashwin, O’Keefe, Jadeja, Starc, Hazlewood, Umesh

Rahane/Murli/Shaun Marsh can replace Jadeja

Hazlewood can be replaced with Lyon


Australia vs New Zealand (Women 2nd ODI)

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New Zealand continues the winning form and started the series with a win. After brilliant performances by Bates, Satterthwaite, Tahuhu and Huddleston  New Zealand registered a win by 5 wickets.

Mooney’s century went in vain,  Haynes and Villani fifty could not do much to save the game. Except couple of wickets by Wellington with decent economy none of the Australian bowlers did anything different to save the game.

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With Ellyse Perry back in the side, Cheatle most likely to make the way. Alex Blackwell is expected to play and Haynes has to leave and make way for her.

Possible Lineup 1: Priest (wk), Villani, Mooney, Perkins, Bates, Satterthwaite, Perry, Tahuhu, Huddleston, Schutt, Wellignton

Possible Lineup 2: Priest (wk), Bolton, Lanning, Perkins, Bates, Satterthwaite, Jonassen, Tahuhu, Huddleston, Schutt, Wellignton

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CAP: Satterthwaite/Bates

VC: Perry/Lanning

Australia vs NewZealand (Women)

Three One day series in New Zealand. Australia has already lost one series against New-Zealand in Australia and after a humiliating defeat in last series they are meeting again in NewZealand Rose Bowl Series, which Australia have not lost

Both the teams leading players are suffering from injuries Ellyse Perry, Alex Blackwell though Perry has recovered fully and the call will be taken before the match but is unlikely to play as she is a class player and as per Coach they are not looking to take extra risk. They have recalled their most experience player Haynes in place of Blackwell.

Possible lineup 1: Priest(wk), M, Lanning, R Haynes, N. Bolton, Jess Jonassen, Suzie Bates, Satterthwaite, K. Beams, Wellington, Tahuhu, Huddleston.

Possible Lineup 2: Priest(wk), M, Lanning, K. Martin, N. Bolton, Gardener, Suzie Bates, Satterthwaite, K. Beams, Wellington, Tahuhu, Kerr.

You can opt for Jess Jonassen or GardenerGardener is a good all-rounder though she could not perform in last T20 series against NZ.

R. Haynes can be replaced with K. Martin of NZ as to make the team more balanced

NewZealand has called Anna Peterson in place of injured Kasperek and is likely to play. Anna Peterson took hat-trick against Australia in last T20.

One can opt for Huddleston or Amelia Kerr as huddleston is an experienced player but Kerr is really a sensational bowler

Lauren Cheatle or Rene Farrell likely to play (only one)

CAP: Lanning/Bates

VC: Satterthwaite/Bolton


Ohh Yes.. It is India vs Australia and people have been waiting for it. Sledging, grinning, Abuses will be a part of the game. Eyes will be on Kohli, Ashwin and Jadeja. And from Australia Smith and Warner. 

Game has already started and now both the teams will meet on the ground to Finish it.

It’s a tough call to create a team so I have decided there has to be 2 teams choose the best one:

Team 1: Wade (wk), Kohli, Smith, Warner, Rahane/Vijay, Shaun Marsh, Ashwin, Jadeja, Hazlewood, Bhuvi/Ishant, Kuldeep Yadav.

Team2: Wade (wk), Kohli, Smith, Warner, Rahul, Ashwin, Jadeja, Starc, Lyon, Bhuvi/Ishant, Kuldeep Yadav 

IN Team 1 and 2 I have taken kuldeep yadav to make the team for inclined towards batting and to adjust Ashwin and Jadeja because they are in prime form and also as per the update Pune pitch initially will give some runs but 4-5th day will favor to bowlers.

IN Team 2 if someone is not looking to take Starc then he can be replaced with Hazlewood or Umesh Yadav then you can take either Rahane/Vijay in place of Lokesh Rahul or Saha in place of Wade.

I have taken Shaun Marsh because in a Match against India A he hit a century. Rahane is making a come back so his selection will be on stake and even for 2019 world cup. Vijay is also in good form so he can replace Rahane but he is an opener and it’s first match.

If you are a Cheteshwar Pujara’s Fan then you have to sacrifice Jadeja and Vijay and that gives room to Pujara and Lokesh Rahul.

Cap and VC – Kohli/Smith & Warner/Ashwin.

So Guys I hope I have done justice. Any suggestion or any improvement you can leave comment


# Take Ishant sharma as Bhuvi is unlikely to play

# Speculations as per Pune pitch – India is likely to include Jayant Yadav. 

# Matt Renshaw likely to be included in the team ahead of Khwaja due to his performance

# Spinner Steve o’keefe probably will play along with Lyon

Australia – SriLanka

Yet another T20.

SriLanka has put Australian in a shock. Well I hope Australia make a comeback in last T20.

It is in Adelaide and Travis Head has given some fine performances in this ground in Big Bash League and also against Pakistan in Jan 2017 where he made 128 runs. So hope for the best from him in this game and that too on batting pitch.

Dickwella has been suspended for two matches so only option left for keeping is either Paine or Dunk. Well undoubtedly it’s Ben Dunk as he had shown some power hitting performance in last match and also Paine comes down the order.

Team 1: Dunk (Wk), Klinger, Finch, Turner, Munaweera, Gunaratne, Head, Tye, Cummins, Maligna, Kulasekara.

Team2: Dunk (Wk), Klinger, Finch, Turner/Kapugedara, Sanjaya, Tharanga, Faulkner, Gunaratne, Malinga, Cummins, TYE/Kulasekara.

Well one can also go for Henriques in place of Head  as per the last match performance, whichever is your favorite and as per your belief. Kulasekara can be replaced with Sanjaya, but he has taken 4 wickets in last match and Sanjaya has been consistently taking couple of wickets from last few matches. To make team more balanced you can take Kapugedra and replace TYE.

If someone is thinking about one should not opt for Turner. He has taken wickets in both the T20s and comes to batting in Middle Order and can be replaced with Faulker who has also taken 2 wickets in last match

CAP: Klinger/Finch

VC: Gunaratne/Head


Latest Update:

# Zampa can be included into the team at the expense of Paine or Turner.

# After the suspension of Dickwella, Sandakan/Pathirana like to be included in the team.





New Zealand vs Australia (Women)

So it’s T20 Again.

As it is T20, we are focussed more on All-Rounders and Bowlers for two reason. One is All-Rounders get two chances to get points where as bowlers get straight away 10 points for one wicket and  they get point too for maintaining economy and Maiden Overs.

Team : R. Priest (WK), M.Lanning, E.Vilani, Alex Blackwell, Suzie Bates, Amy Satterthwaite, Molly Strano/Gardner, K. Beams, L.Tahuhu, A. Wellington, H. Huddleston.

I have taken Priest as a WK because she is an opener.Top batswomen from Australia Lanning, Vilani, Blackwell. You can take Gardner or Strano or Peterson all have their advantages.

Gardner comes up the order to bat and she bowls also and Strano is a good bowler and have taken 5 wkt in last match and Peterson took 3 wkts and that too HAT-TRICK.

Top Three batswomen as per order of batting from New Zealand are Priest, Bates, Satterthwaite. If anyone wants to take one more batswoman from New Zealand then choose Perry/Martin inplace of Blackwell.

CAP and VC: Bates, Satterthwaite, Lanning, Vilani.

All are performers but as I say I am more inclined towards all-rounders who comes up the order and bowl as well.



Twenty20 Match.

More focus should be upon Bowlers or All-rounders as it is a T20 so chances are very high that everyone will be willing to take more than just a risk. And also Australia has already lost one match so it will try more than 100% to come back and win this match.

Team: Dickwella, Klinger, Finch, Turner, Munaweera, Gunaratne, Head, Faulkner, Malinga, Zampa, Cummins.

One can also opt for M. Henriques in place of turner but as he did not ball in last match so I am doubtful for this match also. Though he can bat very well but still Turner took 2 wickets in last match.

Hard Call –

Cap: Head, Klinger, Finch.

VCap: Gunaratne (All Rounder), Faulkner, Head.

It’s a batsmen friendly pitch so try to opt for one hitter or allrounder who comes up the order and complete 3-4 overs of bowling as well